Face Masks For Work And School

Face Masks For Work And School

As schools begin their fall semesters, businesses slowly start to reopen, and restaurants are firing up their kitchens, the workplace is beginning to get back to 'normal.' But as facilities plan to reopen, many workers and students contemplate which masks to use. Since April, the CDC recommends that Americans wear face masks (cloth face covers) when out in public. At FLAYR, our non-medical grade face masks will help keep you comfortable and fashionable during the workday.

FLAYR Face Masks For Work And School: 

Returning to work is probably causing more jitters than you already had. And that's OK. It's an unusual, strange, and downright weird time for us all. Cloth face masks help keep you and those around you. We’ve picked out our top masks to help ease your back to work and school worries!

Just because you now have to wear a face-covering while at work doesn't mean your style has to be jeopardized. Our face masks are fashionable, breathable, and comfortable. And we promise you'll find one to match every outfit!

Best Face Masks For Women:

Our Miranda face masks may appear flat, but our exclusive 3D style opens up to give your nose a little extra room! We get it, keeping a face covering on all day is no easy task. We have all the more respect for our heroes in the medical field who have been doing it for ages! But for those of us who aren't used to it, it can be hard to adjust. The Miranda style has you covered.

Coming in a slew of colors and styles, these masks feel more natural on the skin. They're soft and ultra-breathable, so no matter what your boss throws on your desk, at least you can rest assured you can complete your tasks without overheating.

Best Face Masks For Men:

The Maverick mask was designed specifically for men. Part of our newest Men's line, the Maverick mask, is a more modern twist on your average dull face coverings. The cover will fit comfortably over your nose and mouth, and the dipped design will help keep glasses from fogging while you're trying to write a report, check out a customer, grade a paper, or whatever your job entails