Five Fashion Tips for Face Masks

Look Good, Feel Good: Designer Face Masks

Face masks are here to stay. At the beginning of the pandemic, it was challenging to find an approved face mask or covering that was both fashionable and comfortable. Now, there are tons of options to choose from and even more opportunities to wear them.

Try these five fashion tips to turn your mask into the ultimate accessory:

  1. Match Your Outfit. Beachy, vibrant, classic, or glamorous? You decide. Look beyond basic color schemes and patterns to find a mask that accentuates your unique aesthetic.
  2. Create a Collection. Prepare for any event, destination, or occasion with a mix of neutral colors and bold patterns. Your mask collection should be just as diverse as your style.
  3. Focus on Fit. Do you want full face coverage, adjustable ear straps, or a flexible nose bridge? Look effortlessly confident with a secure fit that won’t slide down or stretch out.
  4. Play with Texture. Lace, silk, and sparkle make all the difference. Printed and patterned styles are becoming increasingly popular, but designer masks take it to the next level!
  5. Add a Mask Pouch. It’s all about multi-function fashion. A stylish pouch will keep your mask clean and within reach. Upgrade your look with a cross-body, clutch, or clip-on.

FLAYR Masks tick every box. Take control of your style without compromising on safety. These premium designer masks are made in the USA with breathable fabrics and removable filters. Plus, FLAYR will donate up to 7,500 masks in their effort to support the community of Santa Barbara. Embrace masks for the modern lifestyle with FLAYR.