About Us

Two models wearing FLAYR Miranda POP masks.



FLAYR was founded by three friends on a mission: to keep the community thriving during this difficult time and to have fun doing it.

We combined our design, production and marketing talents to be a positive force. We use the finest materials and skilled workers to produce the best, most beautiful masks and face coverings on the market, starting with the first two of many collections. We are proud to be doing our part in protecting our community.

Our goal is to create stylish face coverings that allow you to express your style, that fit into your life and that you’re excited to wear. Every FLAYR mask and face covering is designed with intentionality. We've worked hard to make sure we have a beautiful, breathable mask for every occasion that you may need one. From running to the farmer's market to attending a wedding, there's FLAYR for every event and appointment on your calendar.

Our passion for our community doesn't stop with simply creating a gorgeous product. We care about giving back. That's why for every mask we make, we donate one. As of right now, that means we will be donating 7,500 masks. We have also made an initial $1,500 donation to the Ventura County Community Foundation Rapid Response fund for COVID-19. With your help we hope to give even more!





We are based here.


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